Tracking Advancement and Merit Badge Completion:

First, it was fabulous to celebrate all the achievements of our scouts at the recent Court of Honor. Please contact me with any discrepancies from Squanto merit badge work. The “blue cards” were distributed last week, but if you didn’t receive yours, see me this week. I will be available at troop meetings to help you set up your Scoutbook account.

As we continue our transition from Troopmaster to Scout Book, there will be some new procedures for parents and scouts in terms of recording and submitting advancement and merit badge completions. First, it is required that all adults set up their Scout Book account. An invitation should have been sent to you over the summer. I recommend you search your mail for something from Scout Book and see if you find your invitation request. If you do not find it, please contact Jennifer Goodwin at

Once you have your account set up, please invite your child to join. My plan is for the boys to use their phones to stay on top of what they need to do, and I will be asking them to show these to adults at meetings (if you allow the use of phones at meetings). I like the idea of them taking more ownership for what they are/are not doing, and this is one way to continue the conversation of coaching the scouts. I also recommend that if you are attending a meeting, and you see scouts not doing anything scout related, you ask them to log into the Scoutbook account and see what they could accomplish during the meeting. It takes a village!

A BIG CHANGE! As scouts get signatures for rank advancement in their scout handbook (the OFFICIAL record), parents will need to enter these into their child’s advancement in Scout Book. Once all requirements for rank advancement are completed and recorded, then I will confirm this by looking at scout’s official record in their handbook. From that point, boys can request a scoutmaster conference and a board of review.

Please email a Scout Master or Assistant Scout Master directly regarding your Scout’s rank advancement to organize a  Scoutmaster Conference (SMC) and Board of Review (BOR).   The Scout, if not drafting the email, should be aware and help you write it.    

Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review must be requested no later than the week before a Court of Honor. 

Any questions, please contact Suzi Corkhum, Advancement Coordinator.

Regarding Dress Code

Scouts should be in full Class A uniforms for the SMC and BOR.  Books should have sign offs.  Books should be available for inspection.  


All nights of camping and community service hours can be logged at the back of the handbook. Please use these pages to track your Scout’s service.

Parents of Scouts in younger patrols participating in Flight to Eagle programs should reconcile their Scout books to Troop Master.  If requirements for ranks Scout through First Class are in Troop Master and not in your book, parents should add the a T.M. to the requirement box to show that it was not signed off on the book.  This will allow us to monitor progression.

Adult Youth Protection Training is offered on the Council’s website.  This is required of all adult leaders and may be a good idea for parents who drive Scouts to various events.  It makes the adult aware of the basic guidelines to keep both the Scout and parent operating safely.  It really is protection for both.   I want to set a deadline for November 30, 2017 to get this required training completed for adults in Troop 101.

Districting Training – Council offers training on different topics for adults for many areas.  These trainings are usually offered in October.    See Old Colony Council  (, under the training page for more information on these very interesting training opportunities.