April 15th-Spring Court of Honor at Sanctuary Church

June 10th-Court of Honor at Boy’s and Girl’s Club-BBQ

As scouts complete requirements for rank advancement and merit badges, it is encouraged that these are added to Scoutbook. Once all requirements are completed (for rank advancement this includes scoutmaster conference and board of review), the scout should contact me and I will give final approval in Scoutbook.

When requesting a Scoutmaster conference or Board of Review, be sure to have your handbook so I can finalize and approve your scout’s advancement.

All scouts should have access to their own Scoutbook account.

As parents guide their scouts through the advancement process, we recommend that scouts first work on their Scout, Tenderfoot, Second and First class ranks prior to focusing on merit badges. That doesn’t mean merit badge work isn’t allowed, but do try to place a greater emphasis on rank advancement first. Did you know that prior to starting a merit badge, a scout is expected to get approval from the Scoutmaster? After receiving approval, the scout should meet with the merit badge counselor for that badge to get started. While parents are encouraged to support their scout’s progress, it is only the merit badge counselor who can give credit for completion of requirements. Please feel free to email me at suzicork@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thanks, Suzi Advancement Chair