Merit Badge Counselors

Become a Merit Badge Counselor

Share your knowledge with Scouts. Merit badge counselors teach Scouts a variety of skills. From American Business to Woodwork, there’s a badge for everything. All merit badge counselors must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and approved by the council advancement committee for each badge listed on the Merit Badge Counselor Information form.

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Troop 101 Merit Badge Counselors

American Business: Tim Greene, Timothy Withers
American Heritage: Bob Servaes
Aviation: Jim Santaniello
Backpacking: Ryan Quinn
Bird Study: Jim Santaniello
Camping: Dan Bardon, Jason Armstrong
Citizenship in the Community: Jim Santaniello, Suzi Corkhum
Citizenship in the Nation: Jim Santaniello, Suzi Corkhum
Citizenship in the World: Jim Santaniello, Suzi Corkhum
Coin Collecting: Dan Bardon
Communications: Suzi Corkhum, Tim Greene
Cooking: Suzi Corkhum, Tim Greene, Ryan Quinn, Bob
Rob Boshans
Crime Prevention: Rob Boshans
Cycling: Rob Boshans
Digital Tech: Rob Boshans
Dog Care: Rob Boshans
Emergency Prep: Jason Armstrong, Bob Servaes, Rob Boshans
Engineering: Charlie Molloy, Ryan Quinn
Entrepeneureship: Timothy Withers
Environmental Science: Jason Armstrong, Jim Santaniello, Rob
Family Life: Suzi Corkhum, Jim Santaniello, Rob Boshans
Fingerprinting: Rob Boshans
Fire Safety: Bob Servaes
First Aid: Bob Servaes, Rob Boshans
Fishing: Jim Santaniello
Fish and Wildlife: Jim Santaniello, Jason Armstrong
Fly Fishing: Jim Santaniello
Game Design: Rob Boshans
Geocaching: Jason Armstrong, Rob Boshans
Golf: Tim Greene
Graphic Arts: Tim Greene
Hiking: Rob Boshans
Home Repairs: Gordon Corkhum, Rob Boshans
Journalism: Rob Boshans
Kayaking: Tim Greene
Law: Laura Parry
Lifesaving: Timothy Withers, Rob Boshan
Mammal Study: Jim Santaniello
Model Design and Building: Jim Santaniello
Nature: Jim Santaniello
Orienteering: Laura Parry
Painting: Laura Parry
Personal Fitness: Dan Bardon, Tim Greene, Rob Boshans
Personal Management: Gordon Corkhum, Suzi Corkhum,Celeste Ma
Jim Santaniello, Timothy Withers, Rob Boshans, Laura Parry
Pets: Jim Santaniello, Laura Parry
Pioneering: Ryan Quinn
Public Speaking: Tim Greene, Bob Servaes,Timothy Withers, Laura
Reptile/Amphib. Study: Timothy Withers
Rifle Shooting: Laura Parry
Safety: Bob Servaes
Scholarship: Timothy Withers
Scuba Diving: Laura Parry
Search and Rescue: Jason Armstrong, Laura Parry
Signs, Signals, and Codes: Laura Parry
Space Exploration: Dan Bardon
Sports: Dan Bardon
Sustainability: Timothy Withers, Rob Boshans
Swimming: Jennifer Goodwin, Rob Boshans
Traffic Safety: Mike Parry
Wilderness Survival: Mike Parry

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