Binder Building Sessions

Below is a list of Eagle Binder requirements and steps to submit the Eagle binder and Eagle application.


  1. All three sections of the Eagle Project Workbook – (October, 2015 version)
    1. Proposal Section w/ signatures – this was completed when your project was approved.
    2. Project Plan – no signatures in this section
    3. Project Report – your final report on the project with SM and Beneficiary signatures.
  2. Complete all Eagle required badges. Complete any outstanding partials to get to 21 total. Meet with your counselors and have your counselor send sign off to Mr. Treacy.
  3. Completed Eagle Rank Application (April, 2017 version) using information you pull from Troopmaster.
  4. Request & mail 6 reference letters – Parent, educator, employer, religious, and 2 of choice.  Address return envelop to Scoutmaster Burch.  Mark the back of the envelope with your name.
  5. Essay – Statement of ambition – see Requirement 6 of the Eagle Application
  6. Confirm that all your completed badges have been loaded into Troopmaster and what you think you have completed is actually what is loaded in the system.
  7. Request a Scoutmaster Conference with Mr. Burch.  Bring your Handbook, application, and Project Binder for review and signatures – Mr. Burch & Mr. Molloy. Including essay.  Full Uniform including sash for Scoutmaster Conference.  Consider this a dress rehearsal for your board of review.
  8. Organize your binder – less is more in the eyes of the Eagle Board – but COMPLETE!! Have Mr. Pozerski review it. Ideally this would be done by time of Scoutmaster conference.
  9. Hand deliver your binder to the Mayflower/Old Colony Council office – 2438 Washington, St. Canton, MA.  This must be done prior to your 18th birthday.  You can have your EBoR withn 60-days of your 18th birthday.
  10. It will take up to 2 weeks to review your binder.  Mr. Burch will be notified that your binder has been cleared for a EBoR.  It is at this point that you may request to schedule your EBoR.
  11. Night of the EBoR.  You will arrive at the specified location at 6:40 pm and in full uniform – shirt, neckerchief or bolo, shoes, dress pants & belt, Merit badge sash with all your MB attached to it.  No OA-Sash. You bring your handbook.  Your Eagle binder and reference letters will meet you at your EBoR.

“Do a Good Turn Daily”